IMPACT Principal Investigators

Principal Investigators

Jeannie Haggerty

Full Professor, Dept. of Family Medicine

 Holder of the first McGill Chair in Family and Community Medicine Research, based at St. Mary’s Hospital Centre and McGill University, Dr. Haggerty’s domain of research is the factors related to accessibility and quality of primary care, particularly the impact of health system policies and reforms. Her current research program focuses on the measure of patient experience with patient-centered and effective primary health care and how these measures relate to changes in organizational and professional practices. She is nominated principal investigator of a Canada-Australia research program that aims to improve access to primary health care for socially vulnerable health care. She is scientific director of the Québec PHC Knowledge Network, Réseau-1 Québec. Her goal is to present the public voice in a clear way to healthcare decision-makers on issues of equitable access and quality of healthcare.

Jeannie is the lead PI for the Quebec LIP.

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